Saturday, February 16, 2013


Patrick had to go go down to Utah on business so we figured we would tag along for the week. I had only been there one time before for just two days and it was over ten years ago so I really wanted to go agiain and take the kids this time.

We knew it was going to be a long drive so we split it up over the weekend. The first night we stopped at the Stewarts in Lethbridge and then on the Saturday we drove 8 hours to Idaho Falls. Sunday morning we drove the last couple hours to Salt Lake City. We figured Sunday would be a perfect day to take in the sights on Temple Square.

Temple Square was incredible! The only downfall was that it was FREEZING! It was way colder in Utah than it was in Edmonton. In fact, on one day Edmonton was the warmest city in North America with the exception of Florida. Great time for us to choose to go south!

Patrick worked during the day so the kids and I had to keep ourselves busy while he was gone. That proved to be a fairly easy and fun task! We went to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi and went to the Dinosaur Museum, we did a lot of shopping and swimming and we caught up with some friends and family!

We went to this fabulous place in Orem called Hang Time. It is an indoor trampoline park. The kids jumped from the trampolines into huge foam pits that they loved. They even learned to do flips, thanks to mom's friend Amelia. Heidi and Hallie came out for the day and had a hoot. We loved spending more time with them! Once Patrick finished work he came and joined us as well. He was in heaven flipping into the foam pits but after a while he got a little dizzy so he preferred to play on the trampoline dodge ball court. It was a great time and a fantastic work out. I think we need to open one up in Edmonton!

We had an incredible vacation and we were sad to leave the mountains but happy to get back home to our own beds!

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